Comedy Drama - Crazy creations presents

  • By Madhu Balaji
  • Dec 17, 2021

Maadhu Balaji, is a Comedy actor and known for his roles in Tamil theatre plays. He is the brother of the late humorist and playwright Crazy Mohan. He gave himself the prefix "Maadhu". Balaji graduated from the Vivekananda College, in Chennai. His stage career started during his college days where he started acting in a number of stage plays and dramas and was touted as a prospective stage and film actor. With Crazy Mohan and close friends, Maadhu Balaji established Crazy Creations in 1979, one of the leading drama troupes in Tamil stage today, with an impeccable history of 15 launches and over 5000 shows all around the world. Balaji acts as Maadhu, the lead role in all these dramas, and has an amazing track record of not missing even one of these shows.